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SferaAI is a marketing automation software that enhances your business with an intuitive website, 24/7 booking, effortless online payments, CRM, automated messaging, tailored content ideas, targeted marketing, referrals, loyalty rewards, and multi-location management

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Clinics &

Spa &

& Salon

Hotels &

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Outdoor & Recreation


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Clinics &

Spa &

& Salon

Hotels &

Gym &




Outdoor & Recreation


Why Sfera AI

Maximize Sales, Drive Referrals & Boost Loyalty

Enhanced Visibility & Credibility

Showcase your business effortlessly, building trust and attracting more customers. Effortlessly manage bookings and payments 24×7 with Sfera AI’s intuitive platform.

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Streamline Payments & Reduce No-Shows

Effortlessly collect advance payments online, minimising missed appointments. Seamlessly integrate with Stripe, RazerMS, or SecurePay for secure transactions.

Smart Marketing

Drive sales through targeted marketing campaigns, foster referrals, boost loyalty with rewards, and engagements on the social media.

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Optimised Operations & Customer Experience

Provide round-the-clock convenience for bookings, managing feedback effectively and send personalised messages automatically.

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The essential features

Online Profile

Easily showcase your business with an intuitive and informative website

Appointment booking

24/7 convenience for your customers with online booking and payment

Facilities booking

Optimize facility usage and earn more income

Online Payments

Effortlessly collect partial or full online payments to streamline appointment bookings and reduce no-shows.

Feedback & Reviews

Manage your reputation effectively


Organised customer data for personalised engagement

Automated Messaging

Easily engage customers with reminders and personalised messages

A.I. Content Ideas

Weekly tailored content ideas for engaging social media

Marketing Campaigns

Drive sales with targeted promotional campaigns


Turn satisfied customers into enthusiastic ambassadors

Loyalty & Rewards

Enhance client loyalty with rewarding incentives

Multi-Locations Ready

Streamlined multi-location management for consistent branding

Over 5000+ integrations

Connect Sfera AI seamlessly with other applications in just a few simple clicks with Zapier.

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Frequent asked questions

Why not consider leveraging Sfera.AI? Nowadays, customers rely on online research to assess business credibility and reputation before engaging. With Sfera’s online page and booking, you can showcase essential details like your business name, address, services, pricing, staff, and more, fostering trust and authenticity with potential customers.

Sfera.AI can complement your traditional methods. With Sfera.AI, you can streamline your booking process for online, traditional bookings and walk-ins, reduce manual errors, and provide 24/7 booking accessibility to your customers. Additionally, Sfera’s automated reminders help minimize no-shows, while its reporting and analytics features provide valuable insights for business growth.

With Sfera.AI, you can:

  • Easily integrate with your existing CRM.
  • Accept bookings round the clock
  • Avoid missed opportunities when staff is occupied
  • Track digital ad performance seamlessly through pixel tracking integration

Sfera.AI seamlessly integrates with your digital ads tracking pixels, enabling you to monitor and optimize your ad performance effectively. Additionally, for offline ads, you can utilize unique coupon codes to track conversions and measure ROI accurately.

Sfera.AI is designed for various retail service businesses, not limited to Clinics & dentistry, Spa & wellness, Gym & Fitness, Hotels & Resorts, Barber & Salon, Auto workshops, Retail service, Space rental, Outdoor & Recreation, Local
government and more. 

Yes, Sfera.AI is designed to support multi-location businesses, providing a unified platform for efficient management.

Sfera.AI facilitates easy online booking, personalized messaging, and streamlined operations, creating a seamless and positive customer journey.

Any retail service business can benefit. Customize loyalty programs and encourage referrals to boost sales.

Yes, Sfera.AI offers seamless integration with various systems via Zapier, ensuring compatibility with your current business tools.

Sfera.AI ’s automated messaging allows personalised communication via e-mail and SMS, such as birthday greetings, appointment reminders, and more.

Sfera.AI enables targeted promotions with coupon codes, email marketing, and automated personalised messages via email, and SMS.

Sfera.AI prioritises data security, employing encryption and secure storage to protect customer information.

Absolutely! Tailor loyalty programs to fit your business model and customer preferences with:

  • Points for booking
  • Points for referring a friend
  • Points for review
  • Points on sign-up

Sfera.AI provides you with tools to address and monitor and manage negative feedback promptly and professionally.

Utilize Sfera.AI to optimize facilities rental operations, streamline bookings & payments, manage feedback, and drive growth through targeted marketing and loyalty programs.

Sfera.AI is a software that helps you to allow anyone to check the schedule, book, and pay for your facilities, space or venue:

  • Training Rooms
  • Function Rooms
  • Sports Facilities
  • Event Venues
  • Conference Halls
  • Workspaces
  • Studios
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Accommodation
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Community Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Virtual Spaces
  • Retail Spaces
  • Etc

Sfera.AI offers comprehensive customer support, including tutorials, guides, and responsive assistance via email and chat.

Sfera.AI continually evolves. We regularly add new features and updates to enhance your experience and keep your business ahead.

Yes, we offer a trial period of 7-days. Sign up today to explore the features and see how Sfera.AI can benefit your business.

Sfera.AI plans can be paid monthly or annually, and we accept major credit cards.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without additional charges. However, no refunds will be provided.

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