Life on the

Cloud, Simplified is cloud platform specifically designed to engage with users throughout their daily journeys. We help simplify tasks monitoring and delivery. 


Boost Sales & Client Retention

Transform your retail service business with a robust online CRM. Take bookings 24/7, prevent scheduling conflicts, boost sales from existing clients, send targeted promotions, create engaging social media content effortlessly, and master your data to grow your business.


Affordable professional-level websites

We provide our clients with the best value when it comes to websites. We'll handle everything for you while you focus on what's important in your business, all at a very affordable price! 


It's time to plot your next move!

A simplified and curated solution to manage business demands. It helps businesses to be on top of the schedules, resources, and sales. Now, you can focus on your customer better. The lighter way to business operations


Digitalisation of Automotive Services

A cloud-based system designed for Automotive service providers' businesses to manage and elevate their day-to-day digital transactions. The reports & analytics help these brick-and-mortar services make informed decisions for daily operations


All in one vehicle app!

An internet-based technology platform that focuses on providing a one-stop vehicle ownership management experience. Connecting the dots in consumers' day-to-day touchpoints to digitally improves the experience and knowledge empowerment. It builds good habits in overall lifestyles.